We are for your SUNNY future

Sunvolts (Private) Limited is an innovative company providing a range of renewable energy solutions for domestic, agriculture and industrial customers. We have been involved in many large, mid and small size solar energy projects since 2010.

Our vast experience, technical knowledge, rural connections, and "hands on" approach is always an asset to our customers.

Our "one stop shop" methodology allows us to take any project from conception through to design, supply, installation, and commissioning in a very short span of time. We also offer local service and maintenance capability through our dealerships in many districts.

Our solution is much more than 

integration of imported components. The company puts together its own solutions by using the best available technology components from across the world, and then adding its own R&D to customize them for our customers’ need.

The company has resolved to introduce solar powered water pumping solutions across the length and breadth of the country to ease the watering problems of the farmers, making them self sufficient for many decades to come. This will eliminate the current trend of their not being able to farm all of their land due to acute shortage of water during the peak demand season of electricity. We are determined to remove ambiguity about water availability for our farmers so that they can plan their livelihood with confidence.

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