Agricultural Tube wells

Water issues faced by the Farmers:

  • Reduced availability of  Canal water
  • Increased dependency on tube wells
  • Rising cost of electricity and prolonged load shedding hours
  • Rising cost of diesel


Convert your Existing Tube well on Solar:a

The solution to these problems is clear; that is, to convert your existing tube wells (centrifugals, turbines or submersibles) on solar power and obtain water without any fuel costs or electricity bills every month.

The Sunvolts solution can easily power tube wells even with 80 HP motors and 8”delivery.


Benefits of Sunvolts system:

  • Conversion of the your existing tubewell ( Centrifugal, Turbine and Submersible)  to solar power . No need to change pump and motor and no need to dig a new bore or well.
  • Your own power plant resulting in less dependency on the grid electricity
  • Pump water for free throughout the day. There is no electricity or diesel cost.
  • For night operations the tubewell can be run on Grid power, generator or Tractor
  • Payback of your investment on conversion within 2-3 years of operational cost.


Installation of New  Tube well:

We at Sunvolts also provide a complete solution for new tube well installations. New tube wells are available in  Centrifugal, turbine and submersible pumps most suited to your watering needs.


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